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Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Join us in celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day! Today, our nation acknowledges the great triumphs, beauty, and resiliency of Indigenous people while also recognizing the systemic harm and marginalization that Indigenous people have faced over the past few centuries. We hope you take today to educate yourself on Indigenous organizations, authors, leaders, and issues. Follow the links below to donate to amazing organizations for Indigenous people, led by Indigenous people. 

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The Importance of “Doing Something” – What Do We Do Tomorrow?

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As an elementary principal, when an unspeakable event occurred, it was always my role  to offer support to families and guidance for teachers on how to cope, what to say, and to repeat that, yes, it was important to talk about events – even with our youngest students – especially if they were bringing it up. Now as a retired principal, I still have that same sense of urgency to support and to extend care.

Agreements for Talking about Race: Assume Positive Intent and Take Responsibility for Impact

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As you engage with your team in talking about race during professional development, staff meetings, or other formal conversations, a set of shared agreements can support your team to deepen discussions, to engage deeply in self reflection, and to learn from one another. (To learn more about why and how to use agreements, see the Using Agreements blog post.) To ensure that your agreements work for your team, it is key that you spend time together digging into what each agreement means to you as a team and how you will use it. In this blog we will discuss the agreement “Assume Positive Intent and Take Responsibility for Impact” to unpack ways to understand it, ways it can feel challenging, and ways to engage with it during conversations about race.

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Am I Good Enough? Do you See Me? Am I on the Inside or the Outside?

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This blog was originally posted on The Core Collaborative on Oct. 26, 2020 and also on the Educational Equity Resources Portal.

The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have brought national focus on the systemic violence perpetuated against Black people. The enormity of the need for change has long been called for by people of color. The degree to which the white world has seen the need is questionable. Now in this moment of national attention, those of us who are steeped in this work have hope that some changes will happen, that attention will stay focused, and we know it is a long shot.

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