Knowledge Building

West Wind Education Policy Inc. offers a full menu of professional development services to support client goals ranging from awareness-building to promoting organizational results. We base our work on theories of andragogy–or adult learning–distributed practice, learning styles, and staff development. We regularly design programs for seminars, conferences, and institutes, as well as create original training materials and trainings, professional development plans, and job performance aids. Our interests lie in helping education policy leaders to think systemically, forecast trends, and understand the research base in education.

We begin any job by articulating purposes and themes, then we design appropriate activities and materials that lead to adult learning. Our extensive contacts make us adept at identifying, recruiting, and orienting expert speakers. Prior to an event, we collect, produce, and distribute pre-event readings, correspondence, and all on-site materials. We can also create and maintain a website for the event, which may include registration, event information, and readings. West Wind’s staff includes talented facilitators and content experts capable of presenting to groups ranging from half a dozen to thousands in number. We also feel strongly about the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of our programs and encourage our clients to do the same.

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