Taking On the Urgent Need for Change

on Feb 11, 2010 in Capacity Building by


  • Isadora says:

    blocking would not solve the productivity issue nersaescily; in fact, some ppl may feel oppressed and very negative about it. how about asking your employees to behave themselves first and if things get worse still, implement the block? that’s more convincing to all.it seems the notion of being a big company or becoming a big company has really gotten into ck’s mind and changed the work atmosphere quite a bit….

  • Thanks for that! It’s just the answer I needed.

  • Det som avses är väl ”old rich east coast trying to look european”. Lite pretto utan att bli flÃ¥digt, och inte för välskräddat. Ungefär som engelsmän, fast en storlek för stor med generös gren, button-down och grova tyger. Absolut inte en perfekt sittande mörk kostym, men inte heller en tacky smoking. Typ Ralph Lauren.

  • Actually, "Stop". Forgot that Respect was by them, that's also a great song. But the opening… um… opening *sounds* (Not quite sure how else to describe what happens musically in the first five seconds or so before any words start) of Stop are just awesome. I want that as my ringtone.

  •   TobiasSnö, redan? Hm…hoppas det dröjer innan snön kommer till Sthlm i alla fall… Det är fantastiskt skönt att löpa roligt. Tror inte man tappar sÃ¥ mycket fart pÃ¥ det om man kör det under en uppbyggnadsperiod pÃ¥ 3-4 mÃ¥nader.

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