Mandi Bozarth

Project Director

mandi @ westwinded .com


Mandi Bozarth is a Project Director at West Wind, where she supports our team with budgeting, strategy, marketing, program design, human resources, and client support. She supports districts and state departments of education in their efforts to create learning opportunities for each and every student. Her work includes project management, group facilitation, research for state initiatives, and writing briefing papers, policy memos and planning documents for use by leaders in education. Mandi also serves as an Equity Leadership Coach.

Before joining West Wind Mandi held many positions in policy analysis, research and programming. She served as a policy director for Congressman Brad Carson and then as a political consultant at VR Research. She spent two years working with special ed students in a middle school and several years as a program director for UC Berkeley, where she organized educational programming aimed at fostering and supporting diverse, multicultural and international families.

Mandi holds a M.A. in English Studies from the University of London and a B.A. from Oklahoma State University, and has taken coursework in education from the Open University of Great Britain.

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