We analyze federal, state, and local education policies. Will they will meet policymaker goals? Support learning, positive student experiences, and equity? Promote positive organizational change?


We provide customized supports to help schools, districts, communities, and states across the country achieve equitable outcomes, with a particular focus on racial equity.


We offer a full menu of professional development and coaching services, using andragogy (adult learning), distributed practice, and standards for staff development to guide our work.

Recent Blog Posts

To honor Dr. King’s place in history and to acknowledge those who have worked and who continue to work toward racial justice, we are pleased to share these images of activists who inspire us. Read more.

Positive Greetings at the Door (PGD) is a three-step intentional practice to increase student academic engagement and prevent student misbehavior.

1.  Teacher greets each student individually with a positive verbal or nonverbal greeting as they enter the learning environment to create a sense of connection and belonging. Read more.

While the school-to-prison “pipeline” describes the ways that disciplinary practices in schools funnel students into the criminal justice system, the school-to-prison “nexus” describes the practices within schools that can criminalize students of color in the minds of educators, peers, and students of color themselves.  Read more.

"This was the best professional development -- I don't even want to call it professional development -- this was one of the best experiences I have ever had."
Equity-Focused Instructional Rounds with Students

West Wind created and managed the Iowa Forum on Competency-based Education for the Iowa Department of Education. In recognition of the quality of the Forum, West Wind was awarded the SNCR Excellence in New Communications Awards.

"The courage of the district team and West Wind facilitators was extraordinary. Very valuable session with ‘real life’ example that was allowed to play out in ‘real time.’"
Summit for Courageous Conversation
West Wind is a woman-owned Targeted Small Business in the State of Iowa.
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