Our Team

In addition to West Wind’s capacity–rich, full–time staff, the company believes in actively providing opportunities for work and experience to people in our community. Examples of this range from working with local contractors—both from West Wind’s homebase and in the communities we adopt for the duration of our programs—to hiring students with disabilities from the Iowa City Community School District’s Transition Services Center, so that they may practice basic life skills and build confidence upon their entrance into the workforce.

Mandi Bozarth

Mandi Bozarth

Program Director

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Mandi Bozarth, Program Director, conducts research for and writes briefing papers, policy memos and planning documents for use by leaders in education and education policy and advocates for education. Most of Mandi’s time is currently spent researching and writing about competency-based education as well as developing and supporting online communities of practice for educators and state education agency personnel.

Before joining West Wind Mandi held many positions in policy analysis, research and programming. She served as a policy director for Congressman Brad Carson and as a parliamentary analyst for Dehavilland Information Services in London, where she specialized in education and rural health issues. She later became an analyst for the political consulting firm VR Research and held a position as a program director for UC Berkeley Residential Life, where she organized educational programming aimed at fostering and supporting diverse, multi-cultural and international families.

Mandi holds a Master’s degree in English Studies from the University of London and a BA from Oklahoma State University, and has taken coursework in education from the Open University of Great Britain.

Alecia Brooks

Alecia Brooks

Project Assistant

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Alecia Brooks is the West Wind project assistant, and her responsibilities are focused on the social media and online collaboration tasks of our projects. She is central to the upkeep and development of the Council of Chief State School Officers State Consortium on Educator Effectiveness collaboration site (ccss.org/scee). Other responsibilities consist of West Wind with webinar and meeting preparation.

Alecia earned a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in journalism from the University of Iowa. She focused her secondary studies on gender and race media representations and communities’ responses to these ubiquitous messages.

Along with social media, Alecia shares a strong interest in social equality and specifically how justice policy reform can help achieve equity. She merged these interests to develop a narrative journalism project titled Inside Out: A conscious look at the impact of incarceration on the black community. Professionally, Alecia reported for the University of Iowa’s campus newspapers and two community newspapers in Iowa.

Kathy Frederick

Finance and Operations Manager

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Kathy is West Wind’s Finance and Operations Manager. She is dedicated to providing accurate and timely accounting information.  She works with customers, vendors, and staff to keep the office running smoothly. Her goal is to be proactive to management, employee and customer needs.

Kathy has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Upper Iowa and comes to West Wind with over 30 years of financial management experience. Kathy has financial management experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Circe Stumbo

Circe Stumbo


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Circe is founder and president of West Wind. Under Circe’s direction, West Wind has developed a model for Systemic Equity Leadership, which is grounded in systems thinking, adaptive leadership, Critical Race Theory, and implementation science. Circe has facilitated numerous national and statewide blue ribbon panels and summits, cross-functional working teams, organizational strategic planning processes, and equity leadership teams.

For nearly 15 years prior to founding West Wind, Circe worked in non-profit associations in the fields of agriculture, higher education, and K–12 education policy in Washington, D.C. Circe also taught political theory at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she advanced to Ph.D. candidacy in 2001 before investing her efforts in West Wind and her commitment to alleviate inequities in public education.

Circe earned a master’s degree in education from Harvard University, a master’s in government and politics from the University of Maryland, and a bachelor’s in political science from The University of Iowa. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Diversity Focus and the Advisory Board of the FasTrac Youth Leadership Program.