Equity-Focused Summer Institutes

West Wind is pleased to offer a series of equity-focused courses and summer institutes designed for teachers, teacher leaders, principals and assistant principals, and central office staff to learn about race in the context of schooling and to deepen their Equity Agency℠. 

Each of these Institutes offers licensure renewal credit for teachers and administrators through the University of Iowa. 

Our courses are scheduled in several locations across Iowa, but we also are available to deliver courses in individual school districts with a minimum of 24 participants.  We provide discounts to schools or districts sending four or more participants through an Institute.  

If the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt public gatherings into the summer, the Summer Institutes will be provided online via Zoom, using Canvas and Google Drive.

The line-up of Institutes below is subject to change based on demand and the nature of our collective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. Email Circe Stumbo at circe @ westwinded. com if you would like to be alerted to updates.


Administrators and Teacher Leaders:  “Building Systemic Equity Leadership”

This course will help participants develop the skill to lead racial equity work in their school district. The course will focus on growing Equity Agency℠, which we define as the ability to engage in equitable practices and to create equitable environments, and Systemic Equity Leadership℠, defined as the ability to lead, facilitate, and coach others to make changes that result in more equitable outcomes and experiences for all. 

2020, 6 hours per day; 2 license renewal credits

July 6-10        Iowa City

July 13-17      Des Moines

July 20-24      Sioux City

July 27-31      Davenport

Aug 3-7          Waterloo (administrators)

Aug 10-14      Waterloo (Instructional Coaches)


Teachers and Teacher Leaders: “Growing Equity Agency and Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices” 

This course will support teachers as they grow their Equity Agency℠, which we define as the ability to engage in equitable practices and to create equitable environments. Participants also will deepen their capacity to have conversations about race with other adults. Participants will identify and develop culturally responsive teaching practices and practice them in small groups. 

2020, 3 hours per day (morning or afternoon); 1 license renewal credit

July 6-10       Iowa City

July 13-17     Des Moines

July 20-24     Sioux City

July 27-31     Davenport


Teacher and Teacher Leaders:  “Equity for Emergent Bilingual Students”

This course helps participants to better understand how to support Emergent Bilingual Students, otherwise known as English language learners, deserve our supports.  Iowa has experienced a 250% increase in the number of students who are identified as English language learners in the past 20 years; many districts have 10%, 20%, as many as 42% of their students identified as English learners. Participants will identify and develop culturally and linguistically responsive teaching practices and teams will develop plans for supporting one another and their students over time.

2020, 6 hours Monday and Tuesday, 3 hours Wednesday; 1 license renewal credit

July 6-8, 2020           Iowa City

July 27-29, 2020       Davenport


Understanding and Overcoming the Influence of Implicit Bias

This course helps participants to understand implicit bias as a set of cognitive process set in a historical context, to identify how implicit racial biases can play out in schooling, and to engage in strategies to overcome the influence of implicit bias. Participants will explore their own racial identities and how that impacts their work in education. Participants will improve their ability to examine data through the lenses of race and equity. 

A beginning and an intermediate version of the course will be offered.

Summer 2020, to be scheduled if there is interest


For more information about the Summer Institutes, contact Circe Stumbo at circe @ westwinded. com.

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