Equity-Focused Services

West Wind Education Policy provides customized supports to schools and districts across the country. Our approach to serving you includes several unique opportunities:  

  • licensure renewal courses for teachers and administrators;
  • professional development for teachers and leaders on cultural proficiency and implicit bias, which we customize to your context and specific areas of concern; 
  • summer institutes for teacher leaders, principals and assistant principals, and central office staff;
  • personalized development plans based on the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), a cross-cultural, valid assessment to measure perceived and actual cultural competence for individuals or teams; 
  • equity audits, equity-focused instructional rounds, and equity policy reviews to identify patterns of inequity that can be difficult to spot yet possible to overcome; 
  • consultations, coaching, and evidence-based programs to diversify your workforce, retain staff of color, and address conflict; and
  • facilitation through cycles of equity improvement to identify what works in your unique contexts and grow your Equity Agency℠.

In June, we are launching our online Educational Equity Resources portal to share curated material all leaders in your district can access. With a subscription to the portal, you receive not only web-based resources and supports, but also discounts on the services above.

Download our full Catalog of Services in PDF form here.

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