More State Policies Support Teacher Performance Assessment

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[box class=”grey_box”]Written by Deanna Hill[/box]

As AACTE and Stanford University’s Teacher Performance Assessment Consortium prepares for next spring’s field test of the new Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA), more states are joining the initiative and developing TPAfriendly policy.

Some 80 institutions in 21 states participated in the assessment’s pilot test in
spring 2011. Of the more than 140 institutions and 26 states involved in the consortium
(see map below), approximately 100 institutions from at least 21 states are expected to take part in the field test in spring 2012—with an estimated 10,000 candidates participating.

Meanwhile, states are developing policies that support implementation and scale-up of the TPA. Some states are responding to or operating under legislation requiring a performance assessment in preservice. Others are crafting policy to support programs’ use of the TPA during and following the field test. Still other states are waiting for data from the field test to make determinations about how best to use TPA within a system of assessments. The table on page 13 describes state policy development in the six accelerated states.

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