Back to School and Out in the World

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Pictured:  Finn 3rd Grade, Jocie 1st Grade, Whitman and Beckett Kindergarten

This is the first year that all of my children are in school.  I think that Beckett, returning from his first day of kindergarten, summed it up for all of us when he said:  “Best day ever!”

Sometimes as the mom it is easy to get caught up gathering supplies, washing clothes, buying new shoes, and packing lunches, and those are all important.  But the beginning of school this year is so much bigger than all that.  My kids are out there in the world, learning, growing, and finding out where they fit.  And that is awesome!

Dropping them off I watched teachers embracing them and asking them about their summers.  I got a pat on the back from the principal because he knows this is a first day for me too.  And I walked away from the building knowing that my kids are in a great place to become the independent, caring people I want them to be.

So thank you to all the teachers, staff, and principals who are welcoming students back to school.  We know how much you do for us and we appreciate you.

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